BusyBox® - Software | Productivity App

BusyBox® - Software | Productivity App

BusyBox App

The BusyBox App allows you to take control of your BusyBox, or multiple BusyBoxes, with a simple touch. This app connects you to your BusyBox, and it connects your BusyBoxes to each other and to the apps you use every day.


Color Levels

The BusyBox smart sign can make millions of colors and color can send a strong, or subtle, message. Sometimes you're cleaning up emails, so you're busy but can be interrupted ... make your sign light up green. Sometimes you're working on an important presentation, only enter if it's important. Sometimes you're giving a big presentation to a client. Red is the color that says, "Only come in if it's absolutely necessary."


BusyBox signs can work alone, or together as part of a one team of devices. You decide. Need five BusyBox smart signs to turn on all at once. Grouping was made for that. To create a group, just create a name, select the BusyBox smart signs in that group, and you're done. Then, with one click (or touch), they all follow your commands. That was simple.

BusyBox® Digital | Screen Control

The BusyBox D has a beautiful LCD screen and what's more is that the app makes the most of it by simplifying your ability to update (and save presets to) that screen. Need a text message. Type it out, select a color, and you're ready. Maybe add an emoji to the sign to keep it light hearted. How about an image? Yup. A funny .GIF? Sure! With the BusyBox App and your BusyBox D, the options are endless.



Put You On Autopilot

The greatest power of the BusyBox smart sign is to be smart. That means, let it work for you, while you focus on getting things done. With integrations to apps like Zoom, Google Calendar, MS Teams etc. (and more coming), the BusyBox knows that when you start a meeting, it should be smart and turn on. So it does. And if you like to use Siri, or Google Assistant, a quick "Hey Siri, turn on BusyBox" gets the job done. Integrations make your life easier. Now that's smart.


Sync with Mac

The BusyBox desktop app gives you quick access to controlling your BusyBox smart signs and groups of signs. Download the app and make control from your desk (or couch) easier.  Go to the Mac App store and search for "BusyBox Sign".


Control with Windows Computer

The FREE Microsoft Teams app (or browser interface) gives you quick access to controlling your BusyBox smart signs status.  We like setting up presets for the different commands. /brb is a yellow preset. /Busy is red. Download the app and make control from your desk (or couch) easier.  Go to this link to get it now.


Microsoft Teams

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  • Hey Russ, just use the Free Microsoft Teams App and the free Teams x BusyBox integration connection.

    BusyBox Team on
  • Do you have an update on when the software will be available for Windows? I want to buy a few of these for my team.



    Russ on

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