BusyBox® FAQ | Questions About The BusyBox Smart Sign?

BusyBox® FAQ | Questions About The BusyBox Smart Sign?

Q: What’s the difference between the BusyBox S and the BusyBox D?

A: Primarily three things. Flexibility of message, battery life and cost.  The S is lower cost, longer battery life but not as flexible with your messages.  The D is super flexible with messages, but has less battery life and costs more.


Q: Do both products, BusyBox S and BusyBox D work together?

A: Yes.  BusyBox signs are made to team up, or go solo.  The app allows for grouping (and ungrouping) of signs, as well as individual sign controls.


Q: How do I make a sign to display on the BusyBox D?  What are the options?

A: Using the BusyBox Control app you can create your own message.  Check the BusyBox D’s details page, and the Control app page, for cool examples of what you can make right in our app.


Q: How hard is it to change the message on the BusyBox S?

A: Pull the cover off.  Slide the old message out.  Slide the new message in. Put the cover back on.  The world record is currently held by me at 2.9 seconds.  Try and beat me.


Q: How long does the battery last between charges?

A: That of course depends on quite a few things, how bright do you run it, do you use blink mode, are you using red or blue?  But, let’s go with “approximately” answers so you can get a feel for it.  The BusyBox S can run more than 120 hours non-stop on a single charge in a low-light setting, and 40+ hours in a normal bright room setting.  The BusyBox D is designed to run 10+ hours under normal conditions. Why the difference?  The BusyBox S uses 20 high powered LEDs, the BusyBox D uses 614,400 low powered LEDs.  So, the math is too tricky to nail down how it’ll work for you. Luckily, it’s easy to recharge, and recharges quickly via using USB-C.

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