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"I have been looking for something like this for years!"

BusyBox App

Control. Convenient. Connected.

The BusyBox App allows you to take control of your BusyBox, or multiple BusyBoxes, with a simple touch. This app connects you to your BusyBox, and it connects your BusyBoxes to each other and to the apps you use every day.

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"The MUST-HAVE product for the Father, Mother, Gamer, Musician or Tech Geek in your life! This product wil change the way we communicate for the better!"

- Dan Munoz

"I have been looking for something like this for years!"

- Scott Schaible

BusyBox® - Digital | Screen Control

The BusyBox D, (Digital) has a beautiful LCD screen. By using the BusyBox App, you can update (and save presets to) that screen. Studying? Type it out, select a color, and you're ready. The screen is also compatible with emoji's and GIF's.

BusyBox® is Smart

Let BusyBox® work for you, while you focus on getting things done. Use Siri, or Google Assistant, to turn on BusyBox when a meeting pops up. Integrations make your life easer. Now that's smart.

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