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The Best Thing I've Ever Bought For My Home Office


The soft glow of the electric sign telling them "daddy is working" apparently is enough to convince my kids to turn around and handle their own business. I can't believe how magically it has worked.

— apmusicman (Amazon)

This is the perfect solution


My bride loves the sign too, as it lets her know if I'm in a recording session or conference call and shouldn't be interrupted.  

— DARREN MARLAR Weird Darkness

Red Light ... Green Light


When the kids see that light on they know not to even touch that door handle to bother me. ;-)

— Erica M.

Unexpected HIT!!!


I was not prepared for how impressed I am with this product. 

— Eric B. (Amazon)

a very efficient and well developed product


I like the product, my family really likes it, and have no qualms recommending it to other developers and WFH parents.

— Amanda Luciano (Amazon)

Love this!


I have this in the background of my YouTube videos and I absolutely love it!

— Albert Fortner (Amazon)

Blown Away By the quality


I'm blown away by the quality of this device and how well it works. Everyone needs to get one if you're in the Voice Over business, or any business that works from home.

— David Kaplan, Voice On The Run, Inc.

Great sign for office


I highly recommend the BusyBox. Not only is it cute and flashy, the customer service is top notch. The BusyBox has a lifetime warranty and they truly honor it.

— shannonigans (Amazon)

Smart. Choices.
Starting at $59!

4 models to choose from

You can choose the product that meets your needs today, and into the future.

Simple to Sophisticated

BusyBox R is our most affordable model. BusyBox S is our most popular model. BusyBox D is our most fun and flexible. BusyBox P is our most 8-bit model.

It works.
So you can work.

A sign they can’t overlook!

Tired of everyone missing your Do Not Disturb door hanger sign? This easy-to-use sign sends the right message to stop interrupters in their tracks.

You're in Control

Update the settings of our LED door sign with a simple touch. The easy-to-use app lets you select colors, adjust brightness, create presets, or group multiple BusyBoxes together.

Sturdy as it is stylish

BusyBoxes are not your momma’s office door signs! Our startup is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art, high-quality products for content creators, eLearning and work-from-home professionals. Our LIFETIME WARRANTY means you can buy worry free.

Charged up!

BusyBoxes are made with long-lasting rechargeable batteries so you can leave them up all day ... or all week ... on a single charge. The BusyBox S runs over 120 hours on a single charge! Get a BusyBox so you can get things done all week recharge on the weekends.

Communicate without Words 🚦

Kids of all ages know the stoplight system. Set your sign to...

🚫 Red blinking light: NOT NOW!

⚠️ Yellow pulse: Can it wait?

✅ Green glow: Okay to come in.

29 Million Views ... And growing!

Watch this fun by content creator Riley Doing Things.

25M on YouTube, 4M on TikTok and growing!

Riley uses the BusyBox when he is editing his videos and he contacted us and created this for BusyBox. He's a funny and talented person.

See The Viral Video


"Hey siri, turn on busybox."

Use Siri, or Google assistant to control your BusyBox smart sign.


automate your work

Streamline life with BusyBox! Avoid video call interruptions and forgotten status updates. Sync BusyBox with your calendar and it'll manage your availability. As commitments arise, BusyBox ensures your status is updated. Control your professionalism by going hands free with your availability updates.


2 is better than 1

BusyBox signs can work alone, or together as a team. Use the "grouping" feature in the control app to turn multiple BusyBoxes ON/OFF at the same time.

An inside secret

BUSY on the inside

The stylish exterior is hiding a feature & technology packed interior.


We don't build "planned obsolescence" products. Period. Your BusyBox sign is designed to run for years and years and years and ... you get the message.

Let's work. Together.

We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY, a 30 day worry free return policy and lifetime of FREE sofware updates.

If you're not 100% satisfied, we are not satisfied, and we'll make it right with you. We've got your back so let's team up.

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