Change colors, brightness and presets.


Avoid ugly wires. BusyBox looks great in your decor.


Automate your workflow

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Control your space.

BusyBox is the most effective way to let friends, family and co-workers know you're in the zone. Use the BusyBox app to turn your device on without ever leaving your seat.


"Hey siri, turn on busybox."

Use Siri, or Google assistant to control your BusyBox smart sign.


automate your work

Life can get busy. Instead of remembering to let people know you're busy, sync your calendar to your BusyBox and it will automatically turn on and off when scheduled events pop up. And we have new app integrations being added every month!


2 is better than 1

BusyBox signs can work alone, or together as a team. Use the "grouping" feature in the control app to turn multiple BusyBoxes ON/OFF at the same time.

Mount. Pair. Work.

Unexpected HIT!!!

I was not prepared for how impressed I am with this product. 

— Eric B. (Amazon Customer)

Exactly what I need

"When I first saw this I thought I needed a few for my recording studio. Once I saw the app can do grouping I knew it was exactly what I needed for my recording studio."

— Hunter J

must have product

"The MUST-HAVE product for the father, mother, gamer, musician, or tech geek in your life! This product will change the way we communicate for the better!"

— Dan M

I can't wait

"I can't wait for this much needed product to be in my hands. Sick of paper and pencil signs on my door, they make much better paper airplanes."

— Jeffrey H