3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Child’s Remote Learning Success 

3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Child’s Remote Learning Success 

Prior to the pandemic, a student’s learning space was clear and obvious. Now, with distance learning taking over academics, many people are wondering, how can I create an effective learning space at home? 

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with a few parents who have found learning space success amidst all the chaos. After breaking down these conversations, three fundamental elements kept coming up. If your child is struggling with classes at home, try applying these essential tips to help create an effective remote learning environment. 


Establish Command Central

In order to achieve maximum success at home, establishing a “study zone” should be your #1 priority. Without a designated study space, your child might struggle to recreate a school-like frame of mind. This doesn’t mean completely transforming a guest bedroom, but instead, picking one location to study and making it “the zone.” For example, assigning the corner of your living room for online classes. Establishing one location will eliminate the distractions of a new space, and over time begin to signal “school mode” every time your student enters the designated zone.  Focusing on a dedicated location for class time also signals the rest of your family that the student is busy with schoolwork. 


Create Triggers

A great learning environment presents a positive atmosphere to learn. At home, you can replicate the triggers that a positive classroom experience would have for your student. For example, a calendar that shows the week’s schedule or a sign that designates class is “in session” to both the student and those around them at home. Without “location triggers,” you are at risk of other distractions in the room inhibiting learning. After interviews with multiple parents and educators, we have learned they getting their BusyBox to place on their child's desk or door to start establishing positive location triggers. When the BusyBox light is on, it’s class time. 


Work as a Team

Remote learning is a new concept for many families. Now more than ever, executing the core concepts of teamwork is crucial for distant learning success. Establish a rhythm, create a positively triggered environment, and communicate. Engage about how your child’s day was, what they learned, or what they are looking forward to.  


In Summary:

Now more than ever, it’s important to take actions to assist your student.  When you engage and enlist the entire household to learning success by building learning zones, respecting triggers and working together, you maximize your student’s opportunity to succeed. 

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