3D Printed Table Riser

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Elevate your BusyBox experience with our uniquely crafted Table Riser! This playful accessory is not just a stand, it's a statement, designed to give your BusyBox the perfect perch right on your desktop.

Conceived and crafted by our self described "builder" CEO, Steve, the Table Riser is a testament to ingenuity and innovation. Steve brought this concept to life 'just for fun', and is now offering to share his creation with you. Your contribution covers the material and shipping cost, while the labor of crafting each riser is Steve's personal gift to you. This is why we can offer it at such a fantastic price!

Transform your workspace by giving your BusyBox a grand display. Positioning the BusyBox perfectly perpendicular to the table, the Table Riser makes your BusyBox appear as though it's magically floating, adding a dash of whimsy and a conversation starter to your environment.

The Table Riser is a universal accessory, perfectly compatible with all BusyBox signs. It ships in a simple bubble pack, ready to be used straight out of the packaging – no instructions necessary.

Experience the illusion of levitation with the BusyBox Table Riser. Elevate your BusyBox, elevate your workspace.

Note:  This product ships separately, so it may arrive before or after other items in your order. 


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3D Printed Table Riser

3D Printed Table Riser

$4.99 $9.99

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