BusyBox R

Simply Fun  

Keep it Simple.  Keep it Fun.  That was the motivation for our team when they designing the BusyBox Remote. 

The BusyBox Remote was created as our minimal expression of the BusyBox sign family.  No app control, no need for a phone, no need for integrations means it can be incredibly affordable AND it's still built to last for years and years, like all BusyBox products.

It can’t get any simpler, hit a button on the remote, and the BusyBox Remote executes your command.  Built with an RF (radio frequency) remote, it works through most doors and most walls. Keep it simple, keep it affordable and keep the kids focused on studying, especially when younger siblings want to come in and say “let’s play!"

  • 10 RGB addressable LEDs
  • 2,500 mAH rechargeable battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • Changeable Covers
  • Simple RF(radio frequency) remote control included
  • Comes with one slide in message:  BUSY


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    BusyBox R

    BusyBox R

    $59.00 $109.00

    BusyBox® Smart Signs

    The best way to let your friends, family or co-workers know "now is not a good time."

    BusyBox standard

    ✅ Swappable Messages

    Buy Standard

    BusyBox Digital

    ✅ Digital Screen

    Pre-Order Digital

    BusyBox® Control App

    Manage your BusyBox Standard or Digital with the mobile app. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported.

    Integrations & Automations

    Let BusyBox do the status updates, while you keep working.

    Voice commands

    “Siri, turn on BusyBox.” That was easy.


    Group BusyBoxes to simplify multi-unit control.

    Control App

    App control means simplicity in your hand.


    Automate your workflow. With integrations BusyBox® will automatically turn on and off depending on your online calendar status.

    Siri + Google assistant

    Turn your BusyBox ON/OFF without opening the control app.


    BusyBox® signs can work alone, or together as a team. Use the "grouping" feature in the control app to turn multiple BusyBoxes ON/OFF at the same time.

    Just started streaming

    "Just started streaming so this will definitely come in handy!"

    — Brandon D


    "Just got my Standard unit and WOW. Even better quality than I imagined. Worth every penny! I am now even MORE excited to get my Digital unit and Button.

    — Tara A

    Exactly what I needed

    "Once I saw the app can do grouping I knew it was exactly what I needed for my recording studio."

    — Hunter J

    just the faq's

    Match your decor

    BusyBox boasts a simple and clean aesthetic — no disorderly designs, clunky features, or unsightly wires. Easily fit it in any style of home without obtrusion.

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    what's inside?


    Standard or Digital. (Depending on what model you ordered). Also included is a black cover and mounting plate.

    Charging Cable

    USB-C Charging Cable.

    3M Command Strips

    Mount your BusyBox safely to a door or wall.

    6 Message Pack

    (Not included with the Digital Model).