BusyBox® D
BusyBox® D
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BusyBox® D

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Communicate Your Message

What's in the box? 

☑️ BusyBox® D 
1280 x 480 Digital Screen TFT LCD screen

☑️ Black Radio Style Cover 
Inspired by the signs in the 40's and 50's

☑️ Battery
10,000 mAH battery for long run times and fast USB-C charging

☑️ One USB-C Cable
For recharging the battery

☑️ 1 Wall Mount
Two Command Strips™

Perfect For Anyone Looking To Increase Their Productivity At Home.

Customize your message, light up the sign, and let everyone in your space know not to bother you right now.  Using the free app, you can even integrate it with your calendar for a hands-free, smart status updates. Take control of your home space by creating an interruption-free zone for your personal and professional needs. 

2020 Pre-Order Inventory is sold out. Order now to get the earliest possible ship date in 2021. 

Limited Time Pre-Order Discount 40% OFF. 

Expected to ship: April 2021


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