BusyBox® Button
BusyBox® Button
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BusyBox® Button
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BusyBox® Button

BusyBox® Button

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Increase Productivity Working From Home

What's in the box? 

☑️ BusyBox® - Button
Two inches in diameter (50mm) and 0.7 inches tall (17mm)

☑️ Battery Included 
Power for up to a year

☑️ Foam Ring Base
Includes foam ring foot for additional traction as needed 

Works with BusyBox D And BusyBox S

Click to Turn On or Off
No Phone? No Problem!

Customize the function of double-click and press-and-hold

Bluetooth Networking
Interconnect and share device status

App Connected
Programmable, assignable and nameable

LED Status Ring
The LED ring tells you the status of your BusyBox

The Feels 
Clicks like a mouse, for haptic feedback


The Smartest Way To Increase Productivity Working From Home. 

Place the BusyBox - Button on your desktop and when you are about to enter deep focus, click the button on to notify people "now is not a good time." The Button is programmable, so you decide what the commands do and which BusyBox smart signs it controls. 


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